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What's Up, Midfan?

  • We have a number of social networking and discussion groups. Check them out here.
  • Anne Gray is still editing MidFanzine on an annual basis. Email her at editor@midfan.org with your contributions for the next edition.

Past History

  • MidFanzine #4 was published in 2009, #5 in 2010
  • Midwest Construction 3 was held in Columbus, Ohio on September 17-19, 2003.
  • Midfanzines #1-#3 were published in 2002-2003
  • Midfan was proud to host SMOFcon 21 on December 5-7, 2003 in Rosemont, IL, just outside (and surrounded by) Chicago, IL
  • Not to mention Midwest Construction 2 in Ann Arbor, MI, and Midwest Construction 1, in Rosemont, IL

Who We Are

We're Midfan -- a group of Midwest convention running fans who've decided to band together to help make conventions run better, and to further fannish connection in the Midwest. More details are on the About Us page.

Contacting us

You can reach us through email, at info@midfan.org.

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